At first the Stempod may seem complex, this guide will get you started in no time at all!

The first thing you will need is a device to supply the power, and heat the . Box mods are used to supply the necessary heat and power. Those of you who have used e cigs will be familiar with these and if you still have a box mod laying around your crib, you may be able to use it with your Stempod! For more info about what box mods will work check out our FAQ

Stempod can take some time to master, this guide will allow you to get started from the first day of ownership. Prior to vaping we recommend double checking your coils and the resistance on your box mod.

1. Once you have a box mod and it is charged, screw the Stempod onto your box mod.

We will be using wattage mode because that will work with ALL box mods. Make sure your coils are reading properly. Stock Claptons should be .23-.26 I am using the more durable HD coils.

2. After attaching Stempod to your box mod, slowly slide the outer sleeve off the lower deck.

Visually inspect the coils to make sure they are evenly spaced apart and not too close to the vent holes on the bottom. Out of the box your new coils should be ready to go.

Stempod works best in my experience with the airflow about 20 percent open or 80 percent closed.
3. Load basket with . Don’t overfill or pack very tightly.
4. Insert glass into Stempod

5. Once your Stempod is loaded, attached to the box mod and coils working properly, start around 40-44 watts.

Vapor is produced by balancing the the speed of inhale and the rampup of wattage from the box mod.

After an inhale of about 5-7 seconds vapor should start to thicken, be careful you don’t combust the .

Increase draw speed and/or let off the fire button and re enable to stop the from getting to hot and combusting.

If no vapor is being produced gradually bump up the watts. 55 is about as high as you wanna go.

When you’re finished, hold the Stempod upside down, remove the glass by pulling down very slowly and twisting the mouthpiece, it will make spilling the less likely.

Take the AVB and put it in a container and save it. You can use it to make edibles once you save up enough. Stay tuned for this in a future blog!

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!