Hello fellow Stempod users and vaporents, happy 420 2019. This weeks blog we will be looking at how the Stempod stacks up against other vapes on the market. Since this is coming directly from us at ModPodLabs we will try to approach this in the most objective way as possible.

Handheld vapes have exploded in popularity in the last 10 years and especially the last 3-5. Stay tuned to find out how the Stempod compares to others on the market. 

Everyone who uses trees knows that it is optimal to have the right piece for the right scenario. Handheld and portable vapes allow us to stay medicated on go. Furthermore they also allow us to not be tethered to a wall at all times. 

This comparison will look at 5 different aspects of all handheld vapes. These aspects are as follows…

  1. Battery life
  2. Efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Oven/heater type
  4. Durability
  5. Compatibility with other stems/mouthpieces/water pipes.

Battery Life

One of the biggest benefits to using a Stempod is the ability to use as large of a battery as possible or being able to use a small one for on the go. With the Stempod being completely separate from the battery powered box mox, it allows the user to fit the battery size to their needs. This is something that is very rare on the portable vape market.

Most importantly, the Stempod allows you to replace the battery instead of having to replace the entire device. Several devices on the market such as the Mighty, Pax, Arizer Solo 2, and many others have internal batteries that cannot be replaced. As we all know, batteries only last about two years max. Stempod allows you to replace your batteries and not the entire vape and regain the original battery capacity you once had. (2) 18650 standard size batteries are generally under $20. In comparison a new mighty is $350 and a new Pax is $200. 

AVB heated nice and evenly across the .

Efficiency and effectiveness

Vaporents are usually looking to make their stash last as long as possible. Using a vape that is both efficient on our and gives us a strong effects from the is important. Many of the first handheld vapes on the market offered ~5 preset temperatures from 330-430 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the newer vapes are going to 1 degree temp increments instead of preset modes. Even with these added temperature options, a session vaporizer will always require you to finish the entire session once you start. (Just like an old school joint.)

Vapes such as the Mighty, Pax, Boundless, and several others are this type of style which requires you to finish a bowl once you hit it. With on demand vapes such as the Stempod, Dynavap and Sticky brick line, they allow you to take a hit and set your vape down for later, or you can do several hits back to back like a session vape. Without the need to keep the oven heated for 2+ minutes at a time, this allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your . For those of you who have used Stempod and Sticky bricks, know that just a few hits can knock you back in your chair.

With the Standard basket size of the Stempod it is by far one of the most efficient I have used. My old Boundless CFX required nearly double the material to be loaded in a bowl. Even with nearly double the material, the Stempod gives me nearly the same level of effect as the Boundless CFX. Vapes such as the Dynavap line may give Stempod a run for its money when it comes to efficiency. However for those of you looking to maximize the efficiency of your and save as much of your stash as possible there are a few options to consider.

Filling the stock basket half full is a little harder to pack and make sure no falls out, but it is great if you don’t want an entire baskets worth of . Dosing capsules such as the S&B capsules, or Healthy Rips capsules are a great option. These allow you to not have to stir the bowl as much since the capsule adds just a bit of conduction heating to the . Furthermore they allow you to fill it all the way full, half full, or anything in between, where as with the baskets, this can be more difficult. For those of you who want to fill the baskets half full, we recommend using a dual basket method by laying a 2nd basket over the top of the first one to keep all the in the basket.

Oven/Heater type

The biggest difference that sets Stempod apart from other handheld vapes is the heat source. Instead using a traditional nonreplaceable battery with an enclosed casing with a ceramic or stainless steel oven, Stempod offers a heating deck. This deck screws onto your box mod and and the batteries inside power the heating deck which sends heat through the coils which in turn gets passed over your to extract the vapor. Doing this instead of constantly keeping the oven at one temperature allows it to be on demand and more efficient. (Similar to a pipe, hit it and come back 20 mins later and hit it again.)

Using coils and a rebuild-able deck is great because it offers wide open direct airflow to your , is very efficient and is on demand or can be used in a session style. Providing heat in this fashion works as convection and is generally more efficient than conduction heating. The biggest advantage is the ability to replace nearly every part of your stempod including the oven/heater. This may sound small at first but its one of the biggest things that made me interested in this vape.

About two months ago my daily driver was a Boundless Tera. To be honest I loved this vape and I would still use it to this day if it wasn’t for the Stempod replacing it. The Tera offers replaceable batteries, convection heating, great portability, and decent battery life. It even fit S&B dosing capsules so it was very quick to reload. However the biggest downfall was the most important part of a vape; the oven/heat source. After only two months of ownership the Oven was cracked and was no longer safe to use. With the Stempod coils, deck, screws, and mouthpieces being replaceable separately without the need to buy an entire new vape is in my eyes, the biggest feature this vape has. Not many other vapes on the market offer a replaceable oven/heat source for only $20. Even with a replacement at only $20 I don’t think you are gonna be worrying about a replacement anytime soon after going over the next category, durability.


Actions speak louder than words, so I will let you decide for yourself.


This is Dan dropping the Stemopd off 6 stories. Click through the three videos to see it dropped, screwed back onto a box mod, and coils fired. If you were to drop this out of your hand, the Stempod unit itself would be the last of your worries. If you’re using an all glass mouthpiece this would break well before the unit itself. Furthermore your box mod should be working after a drop from a counter top, table, or from your hand while using it. Stempod and Dynavaps offer some of the most durability on the market. When it comes to plastic, it just doesn’t quite stack up as metal and a solid build.

Compatibility with other stems, mouthpieces and water pipes

Both Stempod OG and SI will accept standard 18-22mm male mouthpieces, stems, and water pipe adapters.Pictured below from top down is an 18mm to 14m water pipe adapter, 22mm Stem, 18mm cooling stem from MPL.

This makes it extremely easy to work with the items that you already own. Standard basket screens will fit in most 18-22mm stems, mouthpieces and water pipes. Dosing capsules are a little more specific. The Healthy Rips capsules will fit the smaller 18mm stems. (All modpod lab stems are this size) As for the S&B capsules they work best with a 22mm stem but will also work with a Ministem which is 18mm.

Different Stems are great for different scenarios. Dan from modpodlabs for example really enjoys the ministem with a dynavap fat mouthpiece on the end for added cooling.This setup is great for being stealthy and using it on the go. Me personally I usually use the cooling stem as I really enjoy the flavor and added cooling.

Let us know what you setup you like for each scenario when you use your Stempod.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to us at Dan@modpodlabs.com or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!