With more and more people receiving their new Si, I figured it would be a good time to discuss the differences between Stempod OG and SI. For those of you who are looking for the most cost effective way to get an on demand full convection vape, the Si is an excellent choice. For those of you who want an all metal build which is much more durable, the OG is for you.

OG vs Si

Stempod and Stempod Si are quite similar in function but have a few differences in design. We are really happy to offer Stempod Si at a much lower price than a large majority of the rest of the market. Even though the price is low, the Si offers the same great performance as the OG Stempod. As usual we love to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think of the new Si. 

Both versions of the Stempod offer the same rebuildable deck, replaceable coils, and ease of use with several different mouthpieces. (Both will accept all 18mm male stems and mouthpieces.) 


The biggest difference between the two is The Si exchanges the all stainless steel body of the OG for a combination of silicone and stainless steel. This means we can offer the essentials of the Stempod experience in a low cost package.

Accessories included with each

Differences between the two start with the type of coils. Stempod OG has Clapton Coils and a spare set included in the box while Stempod Si comes with high durability Kanthal coils for strong manual hits in wattage mode, and can be exchanged with SS coils for temperature control.

Stempod comes with a Mini stem as opposed to the regular stem on the OG Stempod. (Picture above.) Keep in mind, any stem can be swapped to either the OG or Stempod Si.

Lastly, the SI does not come with a wooden Stashpod. The Stashpod is a container for all things convection . It can hold your Stempod, 1 stem, (2) 18650 batteries, a stir/coil tool, two basket screens, and a space for your .

At home with water pipes or on the go with a stem

One thing I prefer the SI over the OG Stempod is for using the device on the go. (If you haven’t seen our previous blog on using Stempod on the go, check it out!) Since the top half is silicone there is no need to worry about an o ring. When I take my Stempod outside or use it on the go, I don’t want the stem falling out. This requires the o ring to be installed on the OG Stempod if I want the Stem to stay in place. Using it without the o ring is what I usually do as I prefer how the glass and metal fit so perfectly together. 

With the OG Stempod removing the o ring allows quick and easy access to the bowl to stir or reload. The SI also allows fast stir access as the silicone doesn’t grip the stem too tightly. Using the OG Stempod with an O ring allows for a secure fit as well. 

This makes the Si really good with dosing capsules as well. S&B dosing capsules will fit the Si with 22mm stem! Placing a 22mm stem on top of a dosing capsule will create a seal and work well just a few watts higher than your normal bowl.

The option to remove the o ring on the regular Stempod, is great when you wanna use water pipes. This is one of the biggest advantages to the OG vs the Si. (Ability for loose or a tight fit.) Simply rest the Stempod on your water pipe and lift off when you are done taking a hit. The SI works good but the silicone will grip the water pipe adapter and you will have to remove it when you are finished.

Both the Stempod and Stempod Si offer the same heating deck, same ability to swap any coils, and ability to work with a variety of stems. If you are going to be using it at home with water pipes and you are clumsy like myself, I’d recommend the OG Stempod.

If you are looking for something a little more cost effective and want to use it mostly straight from a box mod and no water pipes, then the Si is a great choice!

Please let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. Feel free to reach out to us at Dan@modpodlabs.com or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!