Greetings MPL blog readers. This week we will look at how to replace coils on your Stempod. If you have an Si the Kanthal coils should last a long time but the claptons on the Stempod OG may need to be changed after a few months.

For those of you who like written guides, this will walk you through changing your coils.

If you prefer videos, see our YouTube video on how to change coils.

Before changing your Coils, double check your box mod is TURNED OFF.

First step to changing coils is to remove the outer sleeve from the deck. I like to keep the deck on a box mod while doing the coil swap.

Next, grab the included allen key to remove your coils.
  • To remove the old coils, first partially unscrew the four grub screws on the deck. Remove the old coils carefully by threading your allen key through the center of the coil and pulling away from the deck until the coil dislodges. Do this for both coils. Be sure the coils are at room temperature and either the deck is removed from your mod or your mod is powered off before removing coils.


  • To install new coils, insert the left coil lead into the top left screw hole in the deck and the right coil lead in the bottom right screw hole. Tighten the grub screws down on the leads till they are snug, then use wire cutters to cut off the excess wire. Do this for both coils.


  • After installing new coils and screwing the deck onto your box mod, your box mod should start reading an appropriate resistance.
    • Stock claptons should read .23-.26
    • HD coils may read a hair lower around .21-.25

  • Once both coils are installed, screw the deck on to your mod and fire at a low wattage (20-30 watts) and observe the glow of the coils. You want the coils to glow from the inside out. If they are not glowing even, wait for them to cool down and brush them with the allen wrench when the mod is not being fired. This will even out the heating of the coils. Repeat these steps till the coils glow from the inside out.
  • After taking a hit you can check your to make sure it is cooking evenly.


Coils generally last anywhere from 1-6 months, we feel that allowing users to be able to change and replace the coils is a huge positive to the Stempod. As always, reach out to us if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!