One of the unique aspects of the Stempod is the freedom for user customization. No matter where you are or what kind of vaping experience you want the Stempod can fit the scenario.

Different mouthpieces and Stems can be used with the Stempod. 18-22mm male stems, water pipe adapters, and mouthpieces will work with the Stempod. Everything from on the go with a tiny stem, or at home with a large water pipe will work with the Stempod.

This week we are going to look at some the different configurations that both we and other Stempod users are using. Many vapes offer the ability to work with a water pipe using an adapter. What makes the Stempod unique is the ability to work with such a wide range of mouthpieces and water pipe adapters.

Since we cannot look at 100 percent of all the configurations possible we will separate it by three categories. For each one I’ll show you my setup as well as several other options from the community and other MPL members. For each of the items mentioned, click the text and it will take you to the corresponding page in the store. 

3 Categories are as follows:

  • Small setups for on the go.
  • Medium to larger setups
  • Using Stempod with water pieces

Small setups for on the go

Most of us love to use our device out and about, away from our house. A great setup for on the go as well as being cost effective would be a Mini Stem, Stempod Si, and Sinous P80 box mod. We even offer this combo in our Store!

Below is what Dan (Top) and I (Bottom) like to use on the go when we are away from our house and need to keep everything on our person.

Dan is using slightly larger but extremely durable Aegis box mod, Stempod OG, and a Stealthy Stem. (THIS HAS BEEN RELEASED and is now for purchase in the store)

I’d usually be nervous about dropping my box mod but this Aegis box mod that Dan has can take a beating. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a durable box mod.

I am using the slightly smaller mini stem but with a medium sized box mod, and Stempod Si. The S&B capsules also usually come with me since they offer the  case to carry up to 8 at a time. This setup allows me to keep everything in my pockets when I’m not actively using it. As you can see both Dan and I like using a Dynavap fat mouthpiece over stems for added cooling as well. This is included with the Stealthy Stem!

Thanks to /u/a7xfreak674 on reddit for the Stempod picture!

This box mod is much lower in height than most and in comparison to a normal dual battery box mod it is a much smaller footprint. This paired with a mini stem and some dosing capsules would be a great setup while still being portable.

Medium to larger sized setups

A large majority of my vaping is done at home but I simply don’t want to be tethered to a wall. Often times I like to step outside on my porch to sip tea and coffee or when I’m doing laundry and other household chores its nice to have my Stempods nearby.
How I setup my Stempod for normal use around the house is as follows. Same box mod as above with a cooling Stem and Stempod Si. This is great for me because I often pack several bowls in a row and the Si allows me to do them fast since I can remove the stem quickly. Furthermore the cooling stem does exactly as it says, it does a great job of cooling the vapor before it gets to you. The hook and coolest hook do an excellent job of this as well.

Thanks to /u/foggyent on reddit for the picture! This is what my normal setup looks like as well.

Cooling stem with a medium sized box mod for great battery while not being too big.

Dan also digs the cooling stem!

This long stem fits in my pocket and offers a little more cooling than the mini stem that I usually use on the go.

Using Stempod with water pieces

StemPod has been designed to accept both 18mm US and International standards of tapered glass joints. Below is my setup for using water my water pieces.

Stempod OG with the o-ring removed makes for a very pleasant water piece experience. Since the stempod is metal it is perfect for resting on a water piece and clearing it when you are finished.

For most pieces as 18 to 18 WPA will work.

Here’s dan ripping the Si through a water piece.

And another video from a user on Instagram:

Let us know your setup for when you are on the go and at home. Tag us on Instagram with #modpodlabs so we can see your setup! We truly feel that Stempod offers a unique experience and as many options for the user as possible. Stay tuned for more blogs and Stempod news.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!