Frequently Asked Questions

What are some recommended box mods for StemPod?

StemPod can work with any box mod that supplies 50 watts of power or more. If you want to use temperature control, either a DNA mod or a mod compatible with Arcticfox or TuboEvic firmware is desirable. Here is a list of mods compatible with custom firmware:


  • Joyetech:
    • VTC Mini, VTC Dual, VTwo Mini, VTwo, AIO, Basic;
    • Primo, Primo 2.0, Primo Mini, Primo Mini SE;
    • eGrip II / Light;
    • Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, Cuboid 200;
  • Wismec:
    • Presa TC75W, Presa TC100W;
    • RX75, RX200, RX200S, RX300, RX2/3, RXmini, RX GEN3, RX 20700, RX 21700;
    • Sinuous P80, Predator;
  • Eleaf:
    • iStick TC100W, iStick TC200W, iStick QC 200W, iStick Power 80W, iStick Tria;
    • Pico 75W, Pico Mega, Pico Dual, Pico RDTA, Pico 25, iStick Pico 21700;
    • Aster, Elitar Pipe, iKonn220;
  • Co-branding:
    • Vaporflask: Classic, Lite, Stout;
    • Beyondvape Centurion;
    • La Petite Box;
    • Vapor Shark SwitchBox RX;


  • Joyetech
    • Evic VTC Mini
    • Evic VTC dual
    • Evic VTwo Mini
    • Evic Vtwo
    • Evic AIO
    • Evic Basic
    • eGrip II / Light
    • Cuboid
    • Cuboid Mini
    • Cuboid 200
  • Wismec
    • Presa TC75
    • Presa TC100
    • Reuleaux RX75
    • Reuleaux RX200S
    • Reuleaux RX300
  • Others
    • Vaponaute La Petite Box

How do I change coils?

  • To remove the old coils, first partially unscrew the four grub screws on the deck. Remove the old coils carefully by threading your allen key through the center of the coil and pulling away from the deck until the coil dislodges. Do this for both coils. Be sure the coils are at room temperature and either the deck is removed from your mod or your mod is powered off before removing coils.
  • To install new coils, insert the left coil lead into the top left screw hole in the deck and the right coil lead in the bottom right screw hole. Tighten the grub screws down on the leads till they are snug, then use wire cutters to cut off the excess wire. Do this for both coils.
  • Once both coils are installed, screw the deck on to your mod and fire at a low wattage (20-30 watts) and observe the glow of the coils. You want the coils to glow from the inside out. If they are not glowing even, wait for them to cool down and brush them with the allen wrench when the mod is not being fired. This will even out the heating of the coils. Repeat these steps till the coils glow from the inside out.

How do I know if I need to change coils?

When the stock coils begin to die, the resistance rises progressively. If you tighten down the screws in the deck and the resistance is still off, the coils may need replacing. You will also notice a higher battery drain or reduced performance at the same settings.

How long do coils last?

The included coils should last around 6 months under proper use.

What is the difference between different types of coils?

There are many different coils that can be installed into the StemPod, check out this resource for more information on different coil types and their benefits: Vape Coils & Wires

What are Ohms?

Ohms are the measurement of how hard electricity has to work to move through the coil. A higher resistance means more battery will be used to create the same amount of heat.

What materials are in the air/vapor path?

  • The air path consists entirely of SS 316, SS303, and glass.
  • The Vapor path is 99% glass with the only other material being the SS316 in the basket screens.

Can I use temperature control with the included coils?

Yes, the included clapton coils are SS316 coils fully compatible with temperature control (TCR 215).

What is the difference between temperature control and wattage?

  • When using the StemPod in wattage mode, heat continually rises when you press the fire button. The combination of the rising heat and the speed of your draw determines the general temperature of the load.
  • When using the StemPod in temperature control, power is intelligently restricted by the mod to keep the coils within a general temperature range. When you inhale, the mod will supply more power to the coils to make up for the incoming air cooling them down, which results in a more accurate and consistent load temperature.

What glass is compatible with the StemPod?

StemPod has been designed to accept both 18mm US and International standards of tapered glass joints.

What are the specs of the O ring/screws?

the O ring that goes in the female taper of the StemPod body is 5/8 ID 3/4 OD 1/16 CS

The StemPod Screen is SS 3/4in 19mm fine mesh available in local smoke shops

The screws that hold the screen in the body are M1.6 x .35 x 3mm

the screws that hold the coils in the build deck are 3mm x .5 x 4mm

I lost my instructions, is there an online version?

here is a PDF of the StemPod instruction manual

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