This week we will be looking at how to disassemble your Stempod as well as go over how to clean the device.

One of the best things about the Stempod is the ability to easily separate all the components. As we have covered in previous blogs, this makes swapping parts such as a different mouthpieces or a different deck super easy. It also makes cleaning the Stempod easier as well. If you are looking to disassemble your Stempod to change coils, don’t forget to check out our blog on How to Change Coils!


Cleaning Instructions

To disassemble your Stempod, start by putting it on your box mod. MAKE SURE YOUR BOX MOD IS OFF. You’ll need isopropyl alcohol to clean some of the parts. You can get it at any general store such as Walmart, Target, a grocery store or even Amazon.

  1. Next slide the outer metal sleeve off of the rebuild deck by slowly sliding it up, so it looks like the picture above.  Then remove the rebuild deck from your box mod.
  2. Remove the glass mouthpiece if you still have it inserted into the Stempod. Gather all your mouthpieces at once to make cleaning easiest.
  3. Put all of your mouth pieces in a plastic bag with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and shake carefully. In a couple minutes your mouth pieces should be clean and you can rinse them with hot water.
  4. Now grab all of your capsules and basket screens and put them in another bag. Using hot water, give all of these pieces a good rinse and let sit for a few minutes in hot water.
  5. NOTE we don’t recommend using isopropyl alcohol on the outer portion of the stem pod which isn’t metal. To clean this material soap and hot water will do.
  6. Take the screen out of the stem pod by slowly pushing it up from the bottom. Rinse with hot water or isopropyl alcohol if it’s really dirty.
  7. With your rebuild deck off your box mod use a dry brush to brush away any or material.
  8. Once everything is dry, reassemble the Stempod by replacing the screen back in, then screwing the deck onto your box mod. Finally sliding the outer shell onto the deck.

Note: If you have an Si, the outer portion can be removed from the metal underneath. Sliding the outer portion off the metal is quite simple just slide it up and off.

Outer portion removed from Si. The screen can be taken out as well. Usually to clean mine all I have to do to this part is give it a good brush down. I clean the red Si cover with Hot water and Soap.

With the Stempod Screen now clean and the outer components clean, you can dry them off and reassemble them. Once assembled make sure the Mouthpiece sits where it should, and your coils are reading the same resistance as before.

As mentioned above, it is easiest to clean all your mouthpieces at one time if you have several of them. Isopropyl alcohol will make it a very quick task. Even the cooling stem which likes to get really wax filled is able to be cleaned by isopropyl alcohol and shaking.

One benefit to the Stempod is the lack of intense cleaning. Very rarely do I have to take mine apart and clean it, usually I clean the baskets and mouthpieces and that is it.


With your newly cleaned Stempod you should be maximizing airflow and have great flavor. Thanks for reading this weeks blog!

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