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In an ever-growing world of vaporizers, it can be hard to determine which one will fit ones needs. No matter if a vape is powered by batteries, directly plugs into an outlet, or uses butane, it will also be either on demand or a session style vaporizer. Both on demand and session vaporizers have pros and cons, lets explore the two.

Differences between the two

To make it easy, think of session vapes as a joint or blunt. Once it is lit, you generally must finish the entire thing. Some well known session vapes include the Mighty, Crafty, flowermate and boundless devices. On demand vapes are like bongs and bowls. Take one hit and save it for later or hit multiple in a row.  Vapes such as the vapcap made by Dynavap, the Sticky Brick line, and our Stempods are examples of on demand.

The process for using a session vape is quite simple. Load it with , set to desired temp, and inhale once heated to temperature. Most “sessions” last about 3-7 minutes and the timer will have to be reset to keep the oven on and heated. Once the device is turned on and heated, its generally the best choice to finish all the in the oven. Don’t walk away for too long or the oven will stay on and waste your just like a joint. These are great for large groups of people who want to get medicated on the same device.

As mentioned, on demand vapes are like bongs and bowls. The heat is only supplied when you are hitting the device. These allow you to take one hit at a time OR you can do several in a row. These are great when you don’t have 5 or 10 minutes to sit down and vape. On demand vapes are usually more efficient at using compared to session vapes. Many on demand vapes allow much quicker heat up time compared to session vaporizers as well. On demand vapes will generally requite stirring the bowl every few hits to get the best flavor and even heating as possible.

On Demand


  • Fast heat up time. *Desktops may vary
  • Great efficiency of AND device battery.
  • Use exactly how much you want.
  • If using batteries, the device generally doesn’t get very hot to the touch.
  • Fast extraction of .


  • Generally smaller bowl size. This can be solved by the cooling mouthpiece we offer ????
  • Little bit of a learning curve to getting the best performance. Must learn draw technique, proper amount of heat.
  • Sometimes requires stirring oven every few hits.



  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Even/consistent heating.
  • No need to stir oven.


  • Not as efficient as on demand vapes.
  • MOST session vapes are conduction heating.
    • (Stay tuned for this topic in a future blog!)
  • Must finish entire contents of oven in one sitting.
  • Micro dosing is not optimal.
  • Drains batteries fast.

StemPod is generally considered an on demand vaporizer. If one would like to have a longer “session” the cooling mouthpiece offers a much larger bowl for several hits in a row.

There are no session timers or accidental shut offs. With the nature of a box mod, StemPod has nearly instant heat up time and is very efficient on your . With the separate box mod there are no worries about the device being a paperweight after the batteries are old. Simply buy some new 18650s and you are all set!

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