Last blog we looked at the differences between the OG Stempod and Stempod Si. Both versions of the Stempod offer the same rebuild-able deck and coils. They do  however, have different coils which we will be looking at below.

For those who want to take things up a notch we also offer several different coils to fit exactly to your needs.

If prebuilt coils aren’t your thing, you can build your own! Several people on Reddit and Fuck Combustion have made their own coil builds. We have seen several dual and quad coil setups from our users. Let us know what coils are your favorite or if you built your own!

Box mods and coils basic guidelines

  1. Most coils for the stempod will be used in wattage or TC/TCR mode on your box mod.
  2. Before using your coils check to make sure the resistance is reading within range. (.2-.4 depending on your coils)
  3. Also check that the coils are glowing evenly before using them.

Most coils will last anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. This usually depends on how hard they are used, and the quality. Different types of coil material can also effect these factors. (For example Stainless Steel vs Nickle.)

Stempod OG and Si come with coils PRE INSTALLED so if you are really resistant about working on coils you shouldn’t have to for at least a few months. Once they need to be changed it is very convenient to replace the coils for a few dollars as opposed to buying a whole new vape or atomizer.

To change more instructions on how to change coils on your Stempod check out our blog here for instructions.

Coil options for Stempod & Stempod Si

Clapton Coils (Included with Stempod OG)

Stock Coils

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Clapton Coils – Included with Stempod OG

  • SS316 clapton coils
  • Use in wattage mode from 40-60 watts or in temperature control in TCR around 215.

These Clapton coils should last between 1 and 6 months of use. They are a good balance between vapor production,flavor and durability.  Claptons are very efficient on my box mod battery as well. 

Kanthal Coils – Included with Stempod Si

  • .2x.8 flat twisted wire 6 wraps 2.5mm ID
  • Use in wattage mode from 30-55 watts.

The Kanthal coils offer high durability for strong manual hits in wattage mode. These coils are great if you don’t have box mod with TCR mode and plan to use wattage mode only. heat up time with these is nice and quick. Lastly, they are designed to last a long time under normal use. 

Coils in the store

HD Coils

HD Coils

  • 10 wraps, 24 guage SS 316L.
  • Use in wattage mode from 45 and 65 watts or in temperature control in TCR around 260.
  • Work best with a 2-4 second preheat from cold.

These are my personal favorite coils out of all the coils MPL offers. The HD coils are long lasting and strong performing. They also are great for heating the evenly and not heating one spot too much. These coils should last multiple months of heavy use without degrading.

Clapton XL Coils

Clapton XL Coils

  • 7 wraps, 3 strands, 28g wire wrapped with 36 gauge wire 316L SS.
  • Use in wattage mode from 50-80 watts or in temperature control in TCR around 285.

These are a larger, more powerful version of the regular Clapton coils. These offer really fast heat up time and offer large hits in both wattage and TCR mode. Since they are a little larger in size they can eat through your battery quicker than some coils. For this reason we recommend these coils with a dual or triple battery box mod.

Tribrade Coils

Tribrade Coils

  •  9 wraps, 3 strands of 28 gauge SS 316L.
  • Wattage and temp control modes, and recommended to run from 35-55 watts.

Tribrade coils offer maximum flavor while allowing as many hits out of a bowl as possible. They can produce good clouds, but they are more for users looking to make their stash last.

Other Coil Options

Quad Coils

  • Dual or Triple battery box mod recommended.  Single battery box mod will work but battery life will be less with this beastly of a coil setup.

A quad coil setup like the one pictured above will really pump out the heat. If you wanna be able to rip a bowl in a few massive hits this setup is for you.

Please let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. Feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!