Welcome to this weeks blog. After a few weeks of high level overviews and comparisons of the Stempod, we are going to start diving deeper into more specific topics. This week we will look at the basket and dosing capsule options to use with your Stempod OG and Si. Stempods come stock with basket screens as the default way to load but this is not the only way to use your Stempod so stay tuned.

For future reference the container on the LEFT in the picture below is a basket. The RIGHT enclosed container that you can remove the top from is a capsule.

There are several different options for baskets AND capsules. 18mm basket screens generally fit the best. (Stock ones are this size) You can make your own or buy ones that hold more or less . Baskets are great if you want to be able to easily stir your bowl and use the same amount each time. It also works best for those who want to use a large amount of in one bowl.

Capsules allow you even more choices for how much you would like to use. This is great for those who want just the right level of effect from their . Microdosing can be done by using multiple baskets or a capsule. 

To microdose with a basket simply place a small amount of in one basket and rest the other basket directly on top of it. Then place it in your Stempod as normal!

Both baskets and capsules should allow you to load your Stempod exactly how you please and to fit the situation.

Baskets and capsules that work with Stempod: (Pictures are linked!)

Stock Stempod baskets

These are great for using a small to medium amount of each time. These allow quick access to the chamber to stir the bowl.

Baskets of this diameter/size will fit in all MPL stems and should fit in most 18-22mm stems. (Regular stem, mini stem, cooling, J hook, water pipe adapter, 22mm stem, etc)


Stores and Bickle capsules will work best with a 22mm stem but also fit the mini stem.

The S&B hold about .2 max capacity.

These are great if you like to load several at a time. S&B offers several different options for storing 4-40 of loaded capsules at a time.

Healthy Rips

Healthy Rips Fierce Dosing Capsule 5 Pack

These are quite similar to the capsules above. These are a bit more soft and flexible in material. 22mm stems and the mini stem will also work with the Healthy Rips capsules.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO bowls

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Replacement Screens for the Vape Xhale Cloud EVO. These are OEM screens and come with 4 top screens and 4 filling chambers

These are quite similar to the stock baskets that you receive with the Stempods. These offer the same open ability if you wish to stir a bowl but they offer a size option that is much larger than most baskets.

DDave mods also offers 18mm basket screens in a very similar size to the stock Stempod baskets. They also offer a 18mm basket screen press, that allows you to press your own screens/baskets. 

Micro dosing

The best options for macro dosing with the Stempod would be using capsules with only a little bit inside them. For example using the S&B dosing caps with a 22mm stem. This allows only a small amount of to be used as opposed to filling the entire basket.

A small amount can be used in a basket but once the gets heated up it tends to fall away from the basket. Capsules are generally easier to use if you would like to micro dose.

MACRO dosing

For those who want to use a lot of at one time, the cooling stem is great for this. The cooling stem comes with a glass screen installed about 1/3 the way up the stem. Using the cooling stem this way with a normal basket to keep the inside allows about .5-.7g of to be loaded at once.

If you have other baskets, capsules or other methods to use the Stempod please let us know down below!

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to us at Dan@modpodlabs.com or on Instagram @modpod_labs with your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Reddit!